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الجمعة، 9 يناير، 2009
Jewish lobbies make US support Israel
Jewish lobbies have pushed forward a US Senate resolution, which pledges Washington's full support on Israel's attacks against Gaza.

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) has given an approving nod to a Senate bid, which sides with Tel Aviv and "conveys America's unequivocal and steadfast support for Israel's right to self-defense."

The resolution - which was sponsored by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell - justifies Israel's raids on the coastal silver, which has so far killed 783 and wounded 3,050.

Israel launched Operation Cast Lead on the Gaza Strip on December 27 and has broadened its offensive in defiance of a recent UN Security Council resolution which calls for an urgent ceasefire.

According to the resolution, Israel is "responding exactly the same way [the US] would if rockets were being launched into the United States from Canada or Mexico."

AIPAC also cheered US President George W. Bush on his full support of Israel in the face of universal condemnation of Tel Aviv's incursion into Gaza.

In a radio address on January 3, George W. Bush refused to offer any criticism of the saturation bombing of Gaza and refrained from commenting on whether he considers Israel's response as proportionate to the scope of rockets attacks on Israel.

He also applauded the Israeli decision to reject an emergency forty-eight-hour ceasefire to allow humanitarian aid to enter the besieged strip.

Outgoing Bush has supported all Israeli military actions during his eight years in office and has stepped up efforts to isolate the Hamas movement, which was democratically elected by the Palestinian nation in 2006, and took over Gaza in 2007.

Jewish Lobbies are a decisive factor in Washington's support for Israel and wields immense power and influence in the United States

In a November interview with the German daily Junge Welt, former state department official William R. Polk said Jewish lobbies have long had an 'active and determined' say in US politics

"That is a characteristic of American politics. It is unfortunate and disturbing, but it's just like that," Polk said.
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