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الاثنين، 12 يناير، 2009
Humiliated: Is it always so satisfied with us? That’s how they want us!
Written by Safinaz Kathem
Translated by : Yasmeen Madkoor 
People drop dead , while fighters resistance rise martyrs obeying God above all selfish desires in life.
Since years, specifically 1416 Hjeria / 1996 , Mr. Jacques Chirac stopped to say :” Hezbollah must put down their weapons” in order to stop the animal random bombardment which the state of Israel bits on southern Lebanon. That was the speech of the friendliest president to the Arabs and Lebanese.
The assaulting state of Israel collects the weapons before eyes and ears of the world , and have the excuse all the excuse , while the victims have to give up their arms and condemns their resistors ?! What Justice in that world !! .. these words are the most sympathizing with Lebnon after the last 8-days of Zulke’da and the first days of Zulhijja 1416 .. when the Israeli bombardment continued killing infants including a female child of 3 days old !! , young teenagers , youth mothers and unarmed civilians of villages who fled the rule of the United States 18/4/1996 , perceiving the possibility of protection from the blind hatred to the the enemies of God, the polluters of the “blessed” land as the Holy Qur’an informs.
Today is like yesterday, the same bloody day in Gaza before the eyes and the ears of the world, regarding that nothing can be done by the international community except being in the shameful silence and finding an excuse for the State of the Zionist occupation, which despite its battleships and lethal weapons and reactors internationally banned and forbidden, are concerned about a small thorn worries their comfort named : Hezbollah and Hamas ! As that Arab Activists don’t have the same parallel right and more than that of Europe and The USA which drove their enemies and their settlers who are against their rights !! Is that their Justice ?! they have the right to fight and we have to get unarmed and just get angry about what that wild savage Zionist stupid Gorilla !! Because we don’t let it Violates our rights ??
How can we ask Criminals to be just ?
Our lands gets Violated , our children are murdered under the name of “the wolf is for the sheep!!” under the name of securing the Zionist occupation, settling its stoles and continuing its raids when and how the USA, the European Union and their supporters will !!
On the other hand when people resist for defending under any considerations or slogans, including any fighter for God’s sake, the international community condemns them and lets them go to their hell guided by the teachings of utilitarian philosophy which is donated and directed by the USA as its faith and the best way to prevail the whole wold. Unfortunately and surprising that some people among us can be heard insulting themselves and ourselves in a satisfactory state of appalling self-torture instead of arising against the aggressors.
When the Egyptian poet “Hafez Ibrahim” said; “Is that justice to let their lion and to chain mine?” he meant the English Occupation Authority which imprisoned and suppressed the Egyptian resistors , and nowadays the USA is the Occupation Authority of all the world and it doesn’t let any lions only lets the feral dogs , while all the Arab and Muslim lions are chained in cages accused of “resisting” after it was named by “terrorism”. Won’t we open our eyes and differentiate between the justice and the injustice? Or will we still let these affairs in the wise men’s hands repeating after Imam Ali bin Abi Talib a piece of poem of Durid ibn El Samma [Hawazen’s brother]: “I’ve made all what I can to advice you..but you don’t recognize my advice except when tomorrow becomes today!”
I recommend you read my book “Deviousness resistance and the Zionist terrorism ", the Jaffee Center for Studies and Research, Cairo, 1996).



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