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الاثنين، 19 يناير، 2009

"Hallema" is a palestinian baby girl..
that beautiful pictures taken during her visit to Egypt last year to see her brother who was recovering in a hospital in cairo.
isn't she just a gorgeous baby??

well, she "was" a gorgeos baby.. coz now she's a burnt dead body thanks to the Israeli war machine, and she's just one of hundreds of children who killed by the same ugly way in

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انشر ده يا محمد بسرعه بليز انا بجد مبقتش قادره على فكره من نص ساعه فيه طفلتين استشهدوا فى غزة نتيجه انفجار لغم كنت بكلم صديق ليه فلسطين وقالى ابقى انشر ان فيه الغام كمان سايبنها الكلاب

ابقى عرفنى لما تنشره

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