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الخميس، 8 يناير، 2009
Don't forget about the Palestinian case
palestine(Besfor/After )occupation

The circumstance of Hamas as a movement of the Palestinian movements resisting isreal occupation is attributed to several factors that Palestinians people endured since the first catastrophe "NAKBA" 1948 generally and the set back of 1967 specifically.
After the declaration of isreal as a state in May 1948,the Zionist leadership rushed on May26 and called the Hgana Gangs "Israel Military Organization, and it was subordinate to the Jewish agency, succeeded by Itcel the Lehy organizations and these military groups carried out terroristic attacks against the Palestinians to through them totally out of Palestine using all the means of ethnic cleansing ,eviction and assassination, all these goes back to the Zionist conception of "The evacuation of the peopleless land, of the people that happened to exist on it" which refers to the Palestinian people.
So, the goal of Zionist ideology is so clear, to evacuate the Palestinian land of the Palestinian people that " happens" to live there !
Hence the isreal defence starting committing massacres against Palestinian since 1984 till now every moment…
The Zionist terrorist groups committed several massacres for revenge and to convey message to the Palestinian of the uselessness of resistance to leave their land forever!
What is happening in Ghazza today is continuing to Israeli terrorism against Palestinians , everyone knows it's not about Hamas or any other resistance movements, it's all about the Zionist ideology to Empty Palestine from every single Palestinian .. so killing over 380 civilian is just the start !

Follow Isreal massacres against unarmed Palestinians IN ONLY 1948 :
Massacres of Baldat el Shiekh and Hawwasa (31December 1947)
Massacres of Khantara "Hifa train" (14-15 Feb 1948)
Kafr Husayniya massacres (31 March 1948)
Binjamina massacres (31 March 1948)
The Deir Yassin (9 April 1948)
Nasr Al-din massacre (14 April 1948)
Tel Litivinsky massacres (16 April 1948)
Hiefa massacres (22 April 1984)
Beit Daras massacres (21 May 1948)

In order to make Palestinian "peopleless land" isreal continuing its terrorism chain that forms the essence of the total annihilation of the Palestinian people.
And hers is a samples of Zionist massacres between 1948-1967:
-Dawayma massacres (29 October 1984)
-Yajur massacres(December 1984)
-Sharafat massacres(7 February 1951)
-Bayet Lahm massacres(26 January 1952)
-Massacres of Falameh village (29 January 1953)
-Bureij Refugee camp massacres (28 August 1953)
-Qalqalya massacres( 1 October 1953)
-Massacress of Qibya (15 October 1953)
-Nahalin massacres(29 March 1954)
-Dair Ajoob massacres(2 November 1954)
-GHAZZAH first massacres (2 February 1955)
-Khan Younis first massacres(30 May 1955)
-Khan Younis second massacres(September 1955)
-GHAZZAH second massacres (4 April 1956)
-Arrahwa massacres(11 September 1956)
-Kafr Qassim massacres(29 October 1956)
-Khan Younis third massacres(13 November 1956)
-Al-Sammou' massacres(13 November 1966)

Hundreds of Thousands of Palestinian civilians died in those horrible massacres and during the period of 1948-1967 Palestinian resistance movements began to appear, which was nothing but a reaction to the terrorism isreal force practice
Can you imagine ..people live in peace and suddenly attacked by horrible force that killed civilians, swept lands, dominate homes and destroy every alive thing!!
And here we are again. the same scenario, the same caste and the same damn international silence and changing the facts in the face of this long struggle history.
GHAZZAH is a symbol of the Palestinian case we must keep ensure and spread the facts of the Palestinian fair case and expose the illegal Zionist occupation massacres against civilians..


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