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الجمعة، 9 يناير، 2009
Bloggers visit The Red Crescent Hospital

Written by: Mohammed Hamdy
Translated by : Razan

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Today I was with the best of Egypt’s young people!
This is what I felt after my visit today to The Red Crescent Hospital, In Ramsis square in Cairo. We went there to express our solidarity for the Gazans who are treated there, and also to grant our benefactions to them.

It was a terrific day! I reached Cairo an hour earlier to the exact appointment, then I met (So’ad), my dearest friend, who wanted to donate her blood. After a while, I phoned (Inas); a wonderful bloggeress, and very vivacious too, who arranged this event. She told me where was exactly the gathering place, so I directed there, just to find her, Bent and a number of bloggers gathering.

How I was amazed by these bloggers’ morals and excellent culture! And above this all, they were philanthropists and eager to do anything to work out this event. What’s most wonderful, which grouped us all, was our interest in blogging and benevolence, regardless of the girls being hair, face veiled or even unveiled. It was for no importance to be a Muslim or a Christian.. what matters most was one’s intention to help those in need, just.

Bloggers kept flocking with the passage of time, whom unfortunately I forgot their names. However, I remember for example Dalia, a really gracious and friendly person, who cared about everything and each person. I can’t leave out the presence of Ahmed El Sabbagh the uncle of all bloggers, a deeply lovely, simple, and cheerful persona. There were also the wonderful Shafaka w Ihsan couple: a blogger got married to a bloggeress! They are highly modestly lofty with every one. At last, I couldn’t keep in mind all the bloggers’ names, but I’ll try to mention them at the end of the post, copying from Dalial’s blog (..).

What mattered most was their excellent collaboration, to the extent that these young people were quarrelling over the virtue of serving the Palestinian casualties. We were snatching juice cans and food, so that each one could have the honour of giving it to them, by hand. We wanted to contribute with any effort, even it was a tiny one.

The bloggers and I went altogether to the hospital and visited the injured in their rooms. The rooms were clean, the service perfect and food delicious and nutrient..but.. the casualties were badly hurt. I cursed the Israelis with all the f-words I learnt as a teenager from ill-mannered friends. This was because I hadn’t seen in all my life such atrocious harm done to civilians. The

photos of the Russian casualties of WWII German shelling were a way better than what I have seen, though the Russians were army men not civilians.

I also noticed after talking with the Palestinian casualties that they were of no political trend, They don’t belong to Hamas, Fat-h, Al Jihad or any damn party! They were all simple people, wanted to live peacefully, work, earn their living and raise their children.. like any other one. They suddenly found Israeli missiles showering over their heads, with no reason..

What really tore my heart apart were two scenes: the first was a Palestinian lad.. at the same age of you and me. He had his leg cut because of a direct hit by an Israeli missile. The second was a father had just lost his son, a few moments before we arrived. It amazed me how he was patient, suppressing his grief, knowing that God will compensate him. His son, 15 year old boy, was a martyr in heaven now.. I knew after wards that his name is Nadr Kadoura. When I asked the bittered father what he intended to do, he answered right away: I would go back to Gaza.. –Under such bombardment? –Yes.. _Despite that you might die? –Yes.. I would go back, no doubt in that.
I leave you now with the photos, the updates of the visit result, the bloggers’ names…etc.

Bloggers gathering outside the hospital.

Inside it.

Ahmed El Sabbagh. He was keen on taking photos and helping others.

So’ad with one of the bloggers.. Unfortunately I forgot his name because of their huge number, though he was a very wonderful person.

The bloggers with one of the casualties.

He was hit by an Israeli missile.

Dalia with one of them.

One of the most horrific, painful scenes.. he lost his leg.
He was hit by a missile fragment in his nose.

List of the contributers:
Mohamed Hamdy
Nahr Al-Hob
Ahmed Al Sabbagh


Shewayit Kalam
Maha Zein
Mahmoud Addoh
Hiya Fawda
Banoota Masria
Goddess of sword and writing
Wahdy Laken Wansan
Zahrat Al Ganna
Shafaka w Ihsan

Shams Al leil
Al Azhary
Arafa Al Asuti
Iman.. Sobia

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